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Buy school bags 2024: Tips & new models

The perfect school bag in just a few minutes

When the last year of kindergarten is over and school enrolment is approaching in leaps and bounds, it is high time to start shopping for a school bag. It is not easy to choose the right model for your children from the numerous manufacturers and countless model variants. In our range you will find the leading satchel manufacturers such as Ergobag, Step by Step, Der Die Das, Scout & Co. We help you to keep track, offer you practical model comparisons and tell you which aspects you should definitely take into account when buying a satchel in 2024 in order to find the perfect school satchel for grade 1. In addition to appearance, design and size, it is above all aspects such as ergonomics, perfect fit and material properties that need to be considered. 

What to look out for when buying a satchel

6 steps to the right school bag

It is best to start looking into buying a school bag as early as possible. The fact that at least two parties (parents, children, grandma & grandpa, godparents etc.) are involved and the multitude of different school bag models and brands does not make the whole thing easy. The most important thing: make sure you let your child try out the different brands and models, cater to the individual preferences of your offspring (e.g. rather school satchel or school backpack) and actively involve them in the school satchel purchase. We will guide you through the decision-making process and show you which points you absolutely have to consider as a parent or "satchel gift-giver".

  1. Ergonomics: For a healthy child's back - throughout the entire primary school years! Ergonomics is probably the most important criterion when buying a school bag - after all, it's your child's health that's at stake. Postural defects and unnecessary strain can be prevented with the right school bag. So make sure that the school bag has an adjustable back system, can be adjusted to your child's stature and grows with him or her. This not only prevents back problems, but also ensures that the satchel fits for the entire primary school period.
    In addition, the back area must be well padded and comfortable. The type of foam used varies greatly and has an impact on comfort and resilience.
    Weight also plays an extremely important role. Especially if your child is rather small and petite, you should choose one of the lightweights. Always think about the extra kilos that the satchel will have later due to books, etc.

  2. Space & Order: Primary school children first have to learn to organise themselves and bring structure into their school day. The satchel should support them in this with a well thought-out interior layout. Spacious pockets for exercise books, leak-proof compartments for snacks, side pockets for water bottles, holders for umbrellas or sports bags are features that a modern school bag should definitely have. Easy-to-open closures of the satchel itself and the individual compartments are also important.

  3. Quality & Durability: To ensure that you and your child enjoy the school backpack or satchel for the entire primary school years, you should make sure that the materials are of high quality. The workmanship must also be right. Especially important: Please find out about the manufacturer's warranty. Ideally, this should cover the entire primary school period, so you are on the safe side. In case something does break, you should also find out in advance whether you can get spare parts quickly and easily.

  4. Security: Especially for children who will be walking or cycling to school in the future, a roadworthy school bag is an absolute must. The satchel should be equipped with fluorescent and retroreflective surfaces all around. Many manufacturers also offer expandable features such as flashing or reflective tags, which ensure that your protégé is always well seen and safe even in the dark season. There are even entire flash series where the satchels have been specially designed with safety in mind.

  5. Nachhaltigkeit: Especially when buying for your children, you should definitely include the topic of sustainability in your decision as a role model. With every purchase you make, you can influence the world of tomorrow. What do you have to do for this? When choosing a satchel, simply look for the sustainability of the materials used, responsible supply chains and high production standards. Sustainability seals will tell you whether a product is made from recycled or other sustainable materials, for example.

  6. Design: Last but not least, the topic of appearance and design should of course not be neglected. For children, this aspect is often the most important and therefore there are many different school bags for girls and school bags for boys. No matter how well mum and dad have chosen the school bag, if it has the wrong motif or an undesirable colour, your child will not enjoy the new bag. So be sure to clarify BEFOREhand which colours, motifs and styles come into question and put together a small selection with alternatives and different options so that in the end both parents AND child are really happy!

Buying a school bag at a glance

You should definitely think about these criteria

Schoolchild 2024: School bags from the leading manufacturers

Ergonomic school bags from high-quality brands

When buying a school bag, you should not go by brands but by the individual fit as well as the 6 points listed above. Nevertheless, we would like to give you a brief overview of the leading manufacturers of school bags for primary school and their special features.


Stiftung Warentest has repeatedly confirmed that the traditional Ergobag brand not only produces top school satchels in terms of design, but is also absolutely top class when it comes to safety and ergonomics. Two Ergobag models were named test winners. Whether Ergobag Pack, Ergobag Cubo, Ergobag Cubo Light or Ergobag Wide - here you will find the right school bag or school backpack for every stature, every body size and every individual need.

Step by Step

Under the motto "Children's colourful lightness", at Step by Step you will find school satchels for primary school children from grade 1 with a sophisticated ergonomic concept. In addition to colourful designs and useful details, the large selection of school bags and accessories is based on 20 years of experience. From the spacious Space school bag to the 2in1 Plus school backpack and the lightweight Cloud school bag to the extra-large Giant school backpack - Step by Step offers the right school bag for every child.


DerDieDas school satchels are among the lightest models on the market. Despite this, neither the equipment nor the space is skimped on. The optimally thought-out concept combines smart details with ergonomic comfort and extra space. Among the variety of models, there is guaranteed to be the right companion for every primary school child. Choose between DerDieDas Ergoflex, Ergoflex Max, Ergoflex Superlight and Ergoflex Easy.


Scout invented the modern school bag more than 40 years ago and has successfully developed it further thanks to cool looks and innovative features. In addition to ergonomics and safety in daily road traffic, the manufacturer attaches great importance to stability, sustainability as well as design and customisability through Funny Snaps & accessories with motifs matching the school bag. Whether Scout Alpha, Genius or Sunny II - every school child will find his or her personal favourite satchel here.


Satchels, sports bags and school accessories for primary school - sustainable, robust & Made in Germany: that's what McNeill stands for. Whether one-hand magnetic lock, smart carrying system, retroreflective double stripes or removable comfort pelvic strap. The manufacturer relies on numerous smart features and never loses sight of the design aspect. Schoolchildren can choose between numerous model variants and motifs. Depending on size, stature and individual needs, the range includes the McNeill Ergo Complete, Mac2, Biggy or MacLight2.


Lässig is a comparatively young company in the primary school satchel sector. Ergonomic, light and functional - with Boxy Unique and Flexy Unique, the manufacturer offers two model series in numerous colour and motif variations. With tags, patches and stickers, the satchels become a very special school companion.

Ergobag, Step by Step & Co.: New 2024 Collection

New satchel models for school enrolment 2024

Found the right model?

Then the only thing missing is the right school accessories

Most school bags for primary school are available in sets. This means that you have the matching school accessories such as pencil case, lunch box, sports bag, etc. in the identical design. But individualisation is a big issue, especially for children, due to their frequently changing tastes. With Kletties, Zippies, Hangies & Co. you can quickly give the school bag a completely new look. And the other accessories can also be added to and replaced at any time. With a new pencil case, for example, you can motivate your child for the school day at any time, once the initial euphoria has passed.

We wish you lots of fun when buying your school bag and a great start to school for your child in 2024!

Ergobag, Step by Step, DerDieDas, Scout, McNeill, Lässig
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