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Packing suitcases correctly

Pack your suitcase properly

Pack your suitcase properly

Tips and tricks for packing suitcases

Space-saving, crease-free and as fast as possible: packing suitcases is a science in itself. But with the right tips and our practical hacks, it's easy. From the different packing techniques to the best packing lists to super practical organisers for your luggage - we show you how to become a pro at packing your suitcase!
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Before packing: checklist, permissible weight
What you should consider before packing

Pack your suitcase properly with checklist and packing list
  • STEP 1 in packing a suitcase starts with a well thought-out checklist. So that packing doesn't end in wildly throwing together clothes, accessories and travel gear, you should calmly consider in advance what MUST and what CAN be packed. Basically, the motto here is: less is more! Because every gram counts, not only when travelling by plane, but also when backpacking! So weigh up carefully what you really need and what you can simply leave at home. If you need structured support for your packing list, you can download numerous checklists and packing lists online.
  • STEP 2 for all air travellers: Next, before packing, find out what weight your booked airline allows. Depending on the airline, there are very different regulations for both cabin and checked baggage. You can find all the information on cabin baggage allowance for each airline on your airline's website. There you will also find the permitted weight for your checked baggage.
How long do you travel for?
The right suitcase for your travel duration

Packing suitcases made easy

The duration of your trip is crucial for the choice of your suitcase or trolley. This determines the size of the luggage. In order not to waste unnecessary weight with a suitcase that is too large and not to run into space problems with a piece of luggage that is too small, you should definitely think about this in advance.
You can find a practical overview of which suitcases we recommend for one week, two weeks or trips over two weeks here.

4-Wheel, 2-Wheel, Hard & Soft Luggage
Which model will be your new travel companion?
Clever packing: This is how it's done
The 10 best tips for packing your suitcase

If you throw everything randomly into your suitcase, you will be annoyed at the latest when you arrive. So pack systematically! With these ten simple tricks you can pack your suitcase sensibly, space-savingly and guaranteed crease-free:

  1. The correct order
    Heavy objects like books or shoes always comedown into the suitcase or trolley. Light luggage such as blouses, shirts, dresses belong on top. This not only saves space but also prevents your delicate clothes from getting creased.

  2. Roll clothes instead of folding them
    Super simple, but extremely effective: Instead of folding your clothes, simply roll your tops, trousers & co. tightly and as compactly as possible. Especially with delicate fabrics like silk or linen, you can't avoid rolling if you want to arrive crease-free. With this packing technique, creases don't stand a chance and you don't waste any space.

  3. Use packing cubes and packing aids
    Packing cubes and packing systems are indispensable for keeping your suitcase or travel bag tidy and making optimal use of the available volume. These small bags and packs are usually made of water-repellent materials and are therefore ideal for storing dirty laundry, shoes etc. separately from the rest of the luggage. Whether it's a shoe bag, a garment bag for suits or a drysack for dirty and wet laundry - packing systems keep things structured and tidy in your suitcase!

  4. Store cosmetics well
    Leaking shampoo in your luggage is more than unnecessary. Therefore: Please make sure to pack cosmetics and beauty products in cosmetic bags or beauty cases! This way, bottles, tubes and flacons are better protected and even if something spills out, the water-repellent materials prevent laundry & co. from getting soiled. Extra tip from us: Secure your vials additionally against leakage by unscrewing the cap, stretching transparent film tightly over it and screwing it back on.

  5. Fill empty spaces with socks & clothes
    Gaps in the suitcase or shoes that you transport inside your luggage are best padded out with socks or other small rolled-up pieces of laundry. The rule is: the fewer empty spaces inside, the less chaos and mess there will be during transport.

  6. Keeping an eye on weight
    Before packing your suitcase, find out from your airline about the permitted weight of checked-in luggage and also consider the tare weight of the suitcase when buying it. Every gram counts here and more weight than the permitted weight is usually associated with high and unnecessary additional costs. So always remember to check the weight while packing!

  7. Shoes in hand luggage
    Shoes are usually particularly bulky and take up a lot of space in your luggage. Therefore: Use the storage space in your hand luggage, simply pack the shoes in a bag and transport it in your boarding luggage.

  8. Pointed objects in the suitcase
    To avoid unnecessary repacking at the check-in counter, it is important to remember to carry scissors, nail files, knives and other sharp objects directly in your suitcase and not in your hand luggage.

  9. Liquids only up to 100ml in hand luggage
    It is also important to note to avoid problems at check-in: The rule still applies on air travel: liquids may only be carried in hand luggage up to a maximum of 100 ml per bottle and must be stowed in a transparent bag. This also applies to drinking bottles. Our tip: Simply take an empty drinking bottle with you and fill it with tap water after the checks.

  10. Take a picture of important documents
    There is nothing more annoying than being without documents and passport on holiday due to theft or loss. That's why it's best to take precautions, simply take photos of identity cards, check-in documents etc. with your mobile phone and send the documents to your e-mail address. This way you can access your important documents at any time and from anywhere.
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For more order in your suitcase
Packing aids & Packing Cubes

Packing aids Pack-It from Eagle Creek
Roll, fold, layer & more
The different packing techniques

Crease-free to your destination: pack your suitcase with Dakine

Rolling, folding, layering or all three? To avoid chaos when packing your suitcase and to stow your luggage with structure without wasting space, you need a system. We present the four most useful packing techniques and methods:

1. Stacking: From the cupboard straight into the suitcase. Probably the easiest and quickest way to pack suitcases is the stacking technique. Nothing has to be rolled or specially folded, everything is simply placed on top of each other in the suitcase. Disadvantage: This method of packing is not particularly clear. If you are looking for a specific item that is not on top, you first have to look for it.

2. Rolling: With this method, jumpers, trousers, etc. are simply rolled up compactly and tightly and packed either next to each other or on top of each other in the suitcase. This makes it possible to use the space optimally and fill even the smallest gaps. Disadvantage: This packing technique requires some time, as the folded clothes from the wardrobe must first be rolled neatly. Big advantage: creases have absolutely no chance here.

3. Packing Cubes: Flexible boxes and garment bags made of mesh in different sizes are simply packed and placed next to each other in the suitcase. Here, for example, you can pack thematically according to different areas such as underwear, t-shirts, trousers, etc. This method is particularly practical for those who like to keep things tidy and is ideal if you want to find the right item of clothing on holiday in just a few steps.

4. Put packets: Marie Kondo has shown us how it's done and we're doing it again, because what works in the wardrobe also works in the suitcase. And this is how it works: Fold a piece of clothing from the wardrobe once or twice to form a package and place them next to each other in the suitcase. Space-saving and super clear! Disadvantage: Only works to a limited extent with bulky and voluminous items of clothing such as jackets or thick jumpers.

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