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Pack your backpack, escape from everyday life and simply leave?

We all dream about it. If you are lucky enough to be able to discover new worlds and countries soon, you want to enjoy every minute of it. The best way to do that is to keep your hands free for the important things. Find out here how it works for sure!
Our advise
The right backpack for shorter adventures, like island shopping and vacations

We keep your hands free - and comfortable, with our backpacks.

They are ergonomically designed not only for long backpacking trips, but also for shopping on the islands or vacations when you want to move around conveniently - and without straining your back.

We also place special emphasis on other aspects such as water resistance, functional design and large storage capacity.

The right backpack for longer adventures and stays abroad

The right backpack for longer adventures and stays abroadHow do you find the right backpack for your trip?

There are many factors! After all, you spend a lot of time with your backpack, especially on a longer trip, and should form the ultimate dream team here. You're guaranteed to be if you pay attention to important details like water resistance, ergonomics and the right size.

Here come our product recommendations for longer stays abroad:

Backpacking backpack
What to consider when buying?

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  1. Comfort: Try on your backpack at home at your leisure so you can get a feel for whether the product fits comfortably.

  2. Padding: Look for particularly good padding in the back area that still allows air to circulate. Pay particular attention to the hip padding, as that is where 70 percent of the weight is transferred.

  3. Water resistance: Most backpacks are water-repellent, some models even waterproof or equipped with an additional rain cover. After all, you don't want your camera and other belongings to get wet.

  4. Zippers: If you want to protect your valuables, make sure that the backpack always has two zippers, so you can lock both with a lock.

  5. Loading: There are backpacks that you load classically from the top. However, some newer models can also be loaded from the sides. The big advantage? For a T-shirt that you are looking for, you do not have to empty the entire backpack.
Clever helpers
Packing aids for the backpack

Packing aid backpacking trip

If you throw everything randomly into your backpack, you'll be annoyed later on in the trip: for example, if it's supposed to be a certain T-shirt and the entire backpack then has to be emptied to find it, or at the latest when all the clothes are pulled out clammy and cold after a heavy rain shower.

To avoid both scenarios, there are simple helpers: waterproof Packing Cubes prevent chaos on the one hand and wetness on the other. Two-part models let you distinguish dirty from clean laundry. Simple bags in bright colors also prevent long searches.

Up and away
The most beautiful destinations for backpackers
The classic backpacking destination, which of course cannot be missing from this list. Why is Thailand so popular? The mixture of bustling cities like Bangkok and dream beaches on islands and mainland makes it. Island hopping is a popular sport among backpackers, here islands like Koh Phangan, where the legendary Full Moon party takes place as well as Koh Tao, snorkeling and diving paradise or Koh Samui are very popular.
Besides the famous Inca ruins like Machu Picchu, Peru has much more to offer for backpackers. For example, it is one of the world's most biodiverse countries and has the highest tropical area in the world with the Nevado Huascarán mountain. Yes, even Lake Titicaca can be explored by boat and we can wholeheartedly recommend the floating island of Taquile. By the way, all this is best discovered with a Pisco, the Peruvian national drink, in your hand.

Montenegro has not been on your vacation bucket list? Wrongly so! Because the country can offer quite a few different landscapes. The Balkan state south of Bosnia offers a lot: a fjord, turquoise sea, lonely high mountains and the most beautiful pebble beaches. You should definitely visit the harbor town of Kotor, whose old town is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Also worth seeing is Perast, an idyllic little village, and Lovcén National Park, which offers a panoramic view par excellence.

Interesting to know
The perfect travel pharmacy

First Aid Kit

If you're on a backpacking vacation, you probably don't have any immediate medical care on site. It is therefore all the more important that nothing is missing from the first-aid kit you bring with you - because in an emergency, you don't want to spend a lot of time searching. These five helpers should not be missing in any case:
1. Painkillers: Whether fever, headache or sore muscles - having painkillers with you is always a good idea. The classics are paracetamol, aspirin or ibuprofen.

2. Disinfectant: Whether it's dirty washrooms, cuts or to clean your hands before your next street food stop, you should always have a disinfectant handy.

3. Plasters and blister plasters: Anyone who has ever had to hike several kilometers with an open blister is guaranteed to pack blister plasters for the next trip. Better one pack too many than too few.

4. Mosquito spray: Many tropical diseases are transmitted by mosquitoes or other insects. Therefore, it is even more important to always spray yourself with enough mosquito spray.

5. Sun protection: The fact that sun protection is the only way to effectively combat skin aging and prevent skin cancer is not new. That's why, even if you're out for a longer period of time and your skin is pre-tanned, you should never do without it.

The small but fine difference

Backpacking Hacks

... that make the things that we recommend to you in this place for a trip. They are neither expensive, nor particularly glamorous, but they are guaranteed to change your vacation.

  1. A quick-drying travel towel made of microfiber. These little helpers weigh almost nothing, even when wet, and dry much faster than normal towels made of cotton. So if you travel quickly from one place to another or just want to jump into the sea, you do not have to carry heavy and wet afterwards.

  2. A travel clothesline: This usually already has clothespins attached to it so you don't lose it. You can easily attach it anywhere with two hooks, for example between two palm trees. So you are also flexible on the road, as far as the laundry is concerned.

  3. Universal plug: Washing clothes in the sink without a plug? Impossible. That's exactly why you should get yourself a universal plug. These little helpers sometimes make a big difference.

  4. Earplugs help not only on the flight, but also at youth hostels with shared rooms or particularly loud cricket chirping.

  5. Carabiner: when the backpack is full, you can use it to easily attach various things such as dirty hiking shoes, water bottles or a wet towel to the outside of the backpack.
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