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18 suitcases and travel bags tested: Stiftung Warentest put luggage under the microscope in April 2021. How durable, stable, sturdy and well-made are suitcases and travel bags from well-known manufacturers?

We show you tested hard-shell, soft-shell and travel bag models and have a variety on offer for you. Find out more about the test results and order the top products from us safely, conveniently and attractively priced to your home.

Test winner / Overview of tested models
Hard shell suitcases - our recommendations from the test
Endurance test passed

TEST RESULT: This is what these two models Travelite AirBase 77cm (with a final grade of 2.6) and the Titan Highlight 75cm (with a final grade of 2.9) do in the test, the good workmanship scores particularly well here.

Tough test passed: Fully loaded suitcases and trolleys have to withstand impacts as well as rain and bumps in the Stiftung Warentest test. After all, the suitcases and trolleys should not only meet the highest requirements in the laboratory. Rollers, telescopic handles and the like have to be able to withstand a lot for long walks at airports or train stations and long distances on the luggage conveyor belt.

Flexible & well processed
Soft luggage tested by Stiftung Warentest 2021

More flexible in handling, storage space with extra compartments, perfectly suited for car, train or bus travel: This is what distinguishes the soft luggage in the test. Here, too, the durability, handling, environmental properties, workmanship and, for example, ease of opening, packing, pulling or pushing were assessed.

TEST RESULT: The following three models from our range scored good or satisfactory: Delsey Montmatre Air 77 cm (overall score: 2.2), Travelite Crosslite 77cm (2.5) and American Tourister Holiday Heat 77 cm (3.1).

Stiftung Warentest
"Gut": Reisetaschen im Test 2021

Vaude Travel bag

The travel bags selected below withstood the durability tests best, are also suitable for difficult terrain and are particularly flexible and versatile in handling thanks to carrying straps. The testers also rated the workmanship as "very good".

TEST RESULT: The top 3 travel bags with wheels tested by Stiftung Warentest can be found here: Vaude Rotuma 90 (overall quality rating: 2.1), The North Face Rolling Thunder 30 (final rating 2.2) and Jack Wolfskin Freight Train 80 (final rating 2.8). Buy your favourite from the test now!

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