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In kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and university, you don't just learn for good grades, but for life.

This is where you make friends, find your future profession and mature into a personality. We at Markenkoffer are happy to accompany you on this journey - because each new station requires the right school bag, school backpack or the right bag - depending on age and requirements.

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Kindergarten: a new world

For you as parents, it is usually very emotional when your child suddenly goes to kindergarten. Your child gets to know a whole new world there. Besides playing together, it builds up additional points of reference and gets to know new people. Sometimes friendships are formed for life; kindergarten simply expands your child's radius. And when you pick your child up from the kindergarten dirty and tired, you know that he or she had a good day!

Animal or colourful:
The right bag for the kindergarten

The kindergarten backpack is the precursor to the school backpack. In it, your child can take breakfast, drinks, snacks, toys and clothes with them every day - in other words, everything they need in the course of the day. But the bag should not only be practical, it should also please your child - then the morning procedure will run much more smoothly.

Ease Small - Kids backpack 30 cm Ergobag Ease Small - Kids backpack 30 cm
34,99 € 26,99 €
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  • Bärbel
  • Bear's Gold
  • Bärnadette
  • Bärnelope
  • Bärnhard
  • Bäronika
  • Beardy
  • Bärtram
Volume: 6 l  
  Weight: 0.27 kg
trixie Kids - Kindergarten backpack 31 cm Trixie trixie Kids - Kindergarten backpack 31 cm
44,95 € from 39,00 €
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  • Mr. Dog
  • Mrs. Unicorn
  • Mr. Raccoon
  • Mrs. Rabbit
  • Mr. Owl
Volume: 4 l  
  Weight: 0.34 kg
Kanken Mini Backpack 29 cm arctic green Fjällräven Kanken Mini Backpack 29 cm arctic green
89,95 € 76,46 €
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  • fog
  • graphite
  • super gray
  • light oak
  • spicy orange
  • clay
  • pink
  • coral
  • royal purple
  • pastel lavender
  • sky blue
  • royal blue
  • black
  • navy
  • mint green
  • frost green
  • arctic green
Volume: 7 l  
  Weight: 0.22 kg
KIGA Maxi - Backpack set 2 pcs. Step by Step KIGA Maxi - Backpack set 2 pcs.
from 44,98 €
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  • Little Unicorn Nuala
  • Little Wild Cat Chiko
  • Dog Lucky
  • Fire Truck Finn
  • Koala Coco
  • Pony Lotta
Volume: 10 l  
  Weight: 0.3 kg
In good hands:
10 tips for an uncomplicated acclimatisation to kindergarten

Kindergarten Eingewöhnung: aufregend für Groß und Klein.

1. Talk to your child about kindergarten often before the time of settling in. Tell your child what to expect there and how wonderful the time there will be. Kindergarten should not have a negative meaning for the child because mummy and daddy have to work, but should become something to look forward to.

2. If your child is already a little older, we advise you to choose the backpack or bag for kindergarten together with your child. Your child can also choose a matching water bottle or breakfast box, which he or she can then use at kindergarten. This increases the anticipation enormously.

3. Pay a visit to the chosen facility from time to time so that your child can slowly get used to the route and the location. For example, you could pick up a friend who is an older child with your child from time to time.

4. Pack your child's favourite cuddly toy in his or her kindergarten bag. This way, even in a strange environment, he or she has an object that conveys familiarity and can reassure him or her.

5. Allow yourself plenty of time to settle in and plan accordingly for enough time with your employer. Children and their individual settling-in time cannot be planned - every child is different and pressure is the worst thing you can give your child.

6. Make a photo album with your child about the time of settling in. This way he/she will be happy to take great photos in the kindergarten and stick them in an album afterwards. It is also a great reminder and a way to share this special time with distant relatives.

7. Settling in is usually easier for the child than for the parent. Prepare yourself mentally for this time beforehand and don't let your child realise how difficult the separation is for you.

8. Sneak away at nursery school to avoid a tearful goodbye? Not a good idea at all. Because then your child will get scared when mum or dad are suddenly gone. Instead, say goodbye briefly and concisely with a ritual, e.g. a goodbye kiss.

9. Try to separate from your child more often even before settling in. Especially if only one parent is the main carer, it is important to wean the child off beforehand. Grandma and Grandpa are a good option if they are nearby, but friends can also watch your child for hours at a time. You have certainly chosen a wonderful nursery school.

10. Agreement with the nursery teachers is also essential for a successful settling in. Continue to implement kindergarten rituals at home, and you can also give the teachers tips on how to deal with your child. Then your child will feel safe in a community that radiates togetherness.

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Perfectly equipped:
These 3 things your child needs at kindergarten

Kindergarten equipment: What is needed besides a cute children's backpack.

Nursery bag
Your child is already grown up and, after you had only a diaper bag for him or her in the early days, now needs a bag or backpack of his or her own that he or she can carry around. It should contain all the things your child needs for everyday life. The bag should have plenty of room for toys, cuddly toys and a lunch box in which your child can carry his or her daily snack.

Gym bag
Kindergartens often offer first sports activities, e.g. gymnastics for children. For this, your child will need a small gym bag containing comfortable clothes and a pair of suitable shoes, e.g. soft slippers.

Change of clothes
In most kindergartens you can leave a bag with a change of clothes for your child in case of a small mishap or a sudden change of weather. You can also put wet wipes, medicines and nappies in there, the teachers will thank you for it.

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Primary school

Primary school: Children are looking forward to starting school.

How exciting! Your child is starting school and will learn the most important basics for later life. Primary school is a time between childhood and the first steps into adult life, when learning can still mean playing. Enjoy this great time!

For many children it is THE highlight: buying their first school bag. Not only is there an incredible choice of shapes, but the design can also be individually adapted to your child's preferences. We have the most beautiful models that are sure to put a smile on your child's face:
School Set Boxy Unique school bag set 7 pcs. Letters Green LÄSSIG School Set Boxy Unique school bag set 7 pcs. Letters Green
259,95 € 233,96 €
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  • Dark Green Ocean Edition
  • Speckles Anthracite
  • Dark Blue Ocean Edition
  • Black
  • Letters Green
  • Speckles Berry
Volume: 21 l  
  Weight: 1.22 kg
ErgoFlex Easy - Schoolbag Set 5tlg. 950 g Blue Speed DerDieDas ErgoFlex Easy - Schoolbag Set 5tlg. 950 g Blue Speed
269,00 € 242,10 €
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  • Peppermint Pony
  • Blue Speed
  • Pretty Unicorn
  • Soccer Green
Volume: 20.5 l  
  Weight: 0.95 kg
Genius Exklusiv Safety Light - School bag set 5 pcs. Scout Genius Exklusiv Safety Light - School bag set 5 pcs.
278,90 €
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  • Polar blue
  • Spooky Starlight
Volume: 19 l  
  Weight: 1.25 kg
ErgoFlex - Satchel Set 5tlg 800g Peppermint Pony DerDieDas ErgoFlex - Satchel Set 5tlg 800g Peppermint Pony
269,00 € 234,60 €
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  • Deep Ocean
  • Soccer Green
  • Monster Truck
  • Blue Speed
  • Trend sport
  • Peppermint Pony
  • Pretty Unicorn
Volume: 22 l  
  Weight: 0.8 kg
Buying aid
Finding the right school bag

School satchels and backpacks: the most important companion for your child when starting school.
Finding the right school bag is not that difficult. Every child and every family is different - and so are the demands on the school bag. While some prefer a simpler design, others find it particularly important that the colours are bright and eye-catching.
However, there is one thing you should always keep in mind: the right ergonomics. The backpack should never sit too low and should ideally be flush with the edge of your child's shoulder, and the satchel should never be wider than the small of your child's back.
The straps should be adjustable, and an additional hip or chest strap can provide extra support. The back of the satchel should adapt to the shape of the child's body, and the closure of the satchel must be easy for the child to open and close. Many reflectors ensure safety.
Cubo light "Lumi" - School bag set 6 pcs. model 2024 Ergobag Cubo light "Lumi" - School bag set 6 pcs. model 2024
239,95 €
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  • SuBear power
  • FireBear
Volume: 19 l  
  Weight: 0.78 kg
2in1 Plus school bag set 6 pcs. Pegasus Emily Step by Step 2in1 Plus school bag set 6 pcs. Pegasus Emily
279,99 € 238,00 €
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  • Dolphin Pippa
  • Fairy Freya
  • Glitter Heart
  • Mermaid
  • Ninja Yuma
  • Pegasus Emily
  • Sky Rocket
  • Unicorn
  • Wild Cat
  • Wild T-Rex Taro
Volume: 19 l  
  Weight: 1.2 kg
ErgoFlex Exklusiv ECO - Satchel Set 5pcs. 800g DerDieDas ErgoFlex Exklusiv ECO - Satchel Set 5pcs. 800g
260,10 €
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  • My World
  • My Planet
Volume: 22 l  
  Weight: 800 kg
ErgoFlex - Satchel Set 5tlg 800g DerDieDas ErgoFlex - Satchel Set 5tlg 800g
from 217,00 €
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  • Deep Ocean
  • Soccer Green
  • Monster Truck
  • Blue Speed
  • Trend sport
  • Peppermint Pony
  • Pretty Unicorn
Volume: 22 l  
  Weight: 0.8 kg
Successful school time
6 tips for a relaxed, motivated school day

Happy during primary school time

The first time at school means a change for the whole family. We have collected some tips for you so that you can continue your relaxed everyday life from the times of kindergarten. Motivate your children even before they start school and talk about the first day of school again and again. Celebrate it too, plan nice activities and reward your child for making it through the first day or week of school so brilliantly. 2. 2. praise efforts, not just successes. Proper learning needs to be learned - and not everyone masters it from the start. It is therefore all the more important that you encourage your child's efforts from the beginning and not just praise the results, i.e. good grades. In this way, you also take away many of your child's fears of failure at an early age. 3. 3. create order in the environment. This means that the flat or house should be as tidy as possible, or at least the place where your child studies or does homework. A quiet environment allows for more concentration and creativity. 4. 4. provide a balance to the school day. Whether it is hobbies that your child is passionate about, enjoyable leisure activities with friends and family, or sports, your child should feel that they have a life outside of school. 5. get enough sleep. Such a school day with a lot of concentration and silence means enormous effort for a child. It is therefore all the more important that they get enough sleep to recover. 6 Prepare everything in the evening. Preparing the school bag in the evening for the next day should become a routine. Because if you don't have stress in the morning, you start the day better. This also includes an extensive, quiet breakfast with the family.

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Your child has finished primary school and is now moving on to secondary school? Congratulations! In the next few years, the personality forms more and more into that of an adult and a tendency for a later career path often becomes visible. Especially important for teenagers? The look of your school backpack. You've come to the right place, because we know what (prospective) teenagers want.

Secondary school
Teenies go cool:
With the perfect bag for secondary school

Teenagers always know what they want. And in most cases, that's a cool school backpack to go down well with classmates and their first crush. So as a parent, you can score points by buying your child a trendy model and ideally letting them order it themselves.

We have collected the most sought-after products for you and your children here:

Kånken Laptop 15'' - Backpack" 40 cm Fjällräven Kånken Laptop 15'' - Backpack" 40 cm
from 98,95 €
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  • graphite
  • ochre
  • terracotta brown
  • ox red
  • sky blue
  • black
  • navy
  • cobalt blue
  • foliage green
  • frost green
Volume: 18 l  
  Weight: 0.46 kg
JANSPORT SuperBreak One Backpack 42 cm screen static Jansport JANSPORT SuperBreak One Backpack 42 cm screen static
37,00 € 30,00 €
Start Compare
  • red tape
  • blue neon
  • graphite gray
  • pastel lilac
  • deep grey
  • screen static
  • precious petals
  • cyberspace galaxy
Volume: 26 l  
  Weight: 0.3 kg
New Skool - Backpack 39 cm Vans New Skool - Backpack 39 cm
38,00 € from 22,00 €
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  • lime punch
  • nautical blue
Volume: 20 l  
  Weight: 0.9 kg
Kånken Laptop 13'' - Backpack 35 cm Fjällräven Kånken Laptop 13'' - Backpack 35 cm
from 94,95 €
Start Compare
  • graphite
  • super gray
  • terracotta brown
  • sky blue
  • black
  • navy
  • foliage green
  • frost green
Volume: 13 l  
  Weight: 0.34 kg
New steps
How to make a successful transition to a secondary school

Successful transition to a secondary school

No matter whether your child changes schools after the fourth or sixth grade or whether he or she goes to a Gymnasium, Realschule, Hauptschule or Gesamtschule, a change of school is always exciting. As a parent, there are some things you can do to make the transition easier for your child. Relaxation There is strength in calm. Especially when it comes to parental support at school. Don't put pressure on your child, give them a long settling-in period and stay calm during the first performance breakdown. It is only a matter of time before they get used to the new school. Organise networks Most schools offer taster sessions before the actual start of the new school year, where parents and teachers, teachers and pupils, and also classmates can get to know each other. Take advantage of these and, after a successful first meeting, arrange your contacts to introduce your child to future classmates. In the best case, your child will already have friends at the new school before the school year has even started. Homework book A homework book can make life more enjoyable. No child can remember all the homework in the new subjects after a change of school, let alone keep to the deadlines. This makes it all the more important to have a neat homework notebook in which all to-dos as well as dates of classwork and tests are written down. If these can then be checked off, this not only gives you a good feeling, but also your child.

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Drinking bottle, lunch box and co.
What school accessories does your child need?

You have the school bag ready? Then you're still missing the right school accessories. After all, children don't just carry their books and blocks back and forth, they also need the right equipment such as craft supplies, pens, sportswear, snacks and of course a small chest bag. Below you will find selected products:

Funy Snaps Move - Pendant Set of 3 Cubes Scout Funy Snaps Move - Pendant Set of 3 Cubes
19,90 € 17,90 €
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  • Dino Rex
  • Space Data
  • Cubes
  • Adventure
  • Blue Police
  • Pretty Star
  • Buzzer
  • Magic Sea
  • Water Lily
  • Polar Blue
  • City Lights
  • Gravity
  • Lizard
  • Spooky Starlight
  • Lovely
  • Heaven
  • Unicorn
  • Fire department
SIGG Lucid Aluminum 600 ml - Drinking bottle Sigg SIGG Lucid Aluminum 600 ml - Drinking bottle from 11,36 €
Start Compare
  • electric blue touch
  • shy pink touch
Volume: 0.6 l  
  Weight: 0.108 kg
Accessories Skandi - pencil case "Limited Edition" 22 cm Satch Accessories Skandi - pencil case "Limited Edition" 22 cm
29,99 € 27,95 €
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  • Nordic Grey
Volume: 0.01 l  
  Weight: 0.16 kg
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