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Which suitcase for which travel duration?
Trip duration 1 week
Which suitcase for 1 week?
Although you want to travel longer, you do not want to carry around a lot? Understandable!

Of course, there are material things that you do not want and can not do without. For these things we have the right luggage for you.

Should it be light, handy and flexible? Then take a look at our recommendations for medium-sized suitcases, which are perfect for a trip length of up to one week.
Travel duration 2 weeks:
Which suitcase for 2 weeks?
You get to go on vacation for two weeks? Lucky you!

As the length of the vacation increases, the luggage may also become larger. The ideal models for a travel length of up to two weeks in a large size can be found here:

Find XL size suitcase
Which suitcase for 3 weeks and more?
Several weeks or months of vacation?

Many dream of this and YOU make it happen! Enjoy the time that will certainly shape you and change your perspective on life! Sure, if you have a lot planned, you also need a lot of luggage. Nevertheless, you want to stay flexible and have everything important at hand: That's where we have the right solution for you.

These suitcases and travel bags in XL format let you draw from the full and ensure that you miss nothing on your trip.
Checked baggage:
What you should pay attention to

Baggage regulations for checked baggage

A big trip requires much more luggage than a short trip, of course.

If you want to take a larger suitcase with you, you have to check it in at the counter. It is therefore essential to plan enough time - after all, the lines at the airport are incalculable.

And if you also take the following rules into account, you will make checking in your suitcase even easier. However, we must point out at this point that the luggage regulations may differ for individual airlines and depending on the fare booked. So it is best to check the website of your travel provider before departure to be on the safe side!

  1. In general, a suitcase cannot weigh more than 32 kilograms, even if you pay for it. This is not so much about the aircraft load, but also about occupational health and safety for airport staff.
  2. For a normal ticket in economy class, 20 to 23 kilograms are usually allowed, and each passenger is allowed to check one piece of luggage.
  3. On short routes within Europe and now also on more and more long-distance trips, checked baggage must be added for a fee!
  4. With most airlines the formula applies: Width + length + height must not add up to more than 158 cms.
  5. If the belt dimension (height + width + depth) of your suitcase exceeds 158 cm, you will have to check it in as excess baggage for a fee with many airlines.
  6. If you select the filter "Intercontinental", you will only be shown suitcases with a belt dimension of up to 158 cm.
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