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Bike bags, biker backpacks and accessories
Perfect nature experience, perfect equipment

Recharge your batteries, train your endurance, experience beautiful natural scenery: Biking is versatile. Even John F. Kennedy once said, "Nothing compares to the simple joy of riding a bike."

Anyone who has ever jetted through woods and meadows on a bike knows how happy two wheels and a saddle can make you. Whether on the way to work, on the family trip on the weekend or multi-day tours: With us you will find the right bike bag, biker backpack or accessories for your project. Get inspired and find the perfect equipment for your biking adventure.

Our advise
Shopping and business companion:
Biking in the city and everyday

Bicycle handlebar basket and bag as well as basket bags for the luggage rack are optimal for shopping trips.

Can be combined as a bicycle bag or backpack: Zwei Olli Cycle
"I love to ride my bicycle!" Anyone who can sing a song about this and cruises through the area every day knows how important the right piece of luggage is for daily cycling.

With a bicycle handlebar basket, rear basket or a basket bag you are perfectly equipped if you want to store groceries and other utensils after shopping. Some models even have a cooling function, so that even delicate foods are stored on the best on the way. So that your new basket on the handlebars or your bike bag on the luggage rack is securely fastened, we offer suitable mounting sets and systems. Here you will find our bike handlebar baskets, bike bags and accessory sets:
Business bags with EXTRAS: Waterproof and reflective
To the office by bike
Bike briefcases, laptop bike backpacks or courier bike bags are popular companions for the daily commute to the office - depending on whether you prefer a classic or sporty design. Especially if you often ride your bike through the urban jungle, reflective surfaces on the bag or backpack are recommended for extra visibility.

And with a model made of waterproof material, your documents, laptop and everyday items will remain protected even if you get caught in an unexpected shower on the road.
Popular bike equipment
Sports & Leisure
Atrack outdoor backpack / travel bag L 62 cm petrol Ortlieb Atrack outdoor backpack / travel bag L 62 cm petrol 240,00 €
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  • black
  • petrol
Volume: 45 l  
  Weight: 1.56 kg
Micro Two 0.5 - Saddle bag 12 cm black matt Ortlieb Micro Two 0.5 - Saddle bag 12 cm black matt 29,00 €
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  • black matt
Volume: 0.5 l  
  Weight: 0.12 kg
 reisenthel Bikebasket Oval M carrier basket mocha KLICKfix reisenthel Bikebasket Oval M carrier basket mocha
62,95 €
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  • dots
  • mocha
Volume: 17 l  
  Weight: 1 kg
Classic Bike - Travel bag for bike Scott Classic Bike - Travel bag for bike
149,95 €
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  • black
  Weight: 2.44 kg
Sports, Family & Leisure: In action by bike
Discover top brands

Relax in your free time on two wheels: You will find the right bike bags in every size with us.
Finally after work, enjoy the weekend and free time! Especially to switch off, bike trips are perfect to experience nature and leave stress behind - whether leisurely with the family or with speed and obstacles offroad. So that the leisure pleasure is really fun, the bicycle equipment from popular brands such as Ortlieb, Vaude, Deuter or Thule are not only bike-friendly design but extremely light. Sophisticated extras such as backpacks with hydration systems are a perfect choice for sporty riders, while belt/hip pouches or daypacks hold the necessary equipment for the whole family. You will also find courier-style bike backpacks or bike hand/shoulder bags for the trip to friends in our range.
A highlight with and without motor
Extensive trekking tours and bikepacking

Bikepacking or trekking tours lasting several days: this is how traveling by bike works.
The right equipment and luggage distribution for an extended bike tour is essential if you want to move forward in a relaxed manner. This applies to the conventional bicycle and even more so if there is a small motor under the saddle that supports you on the next steep hill and lets you arrive relaxed at your destination. Your bike is the ideal load carrier for your belongings, which you can cleverly use for storage space.
Front, rear, saddle or frame: Luggage solutions for your bike
Mondego HB 8 - Handlebar bag (bikepacking) 32 cm Deuter Mondego HB 8 - Handlebar bag (bikepacking) 32 cm
from 56,95 €
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  • black
  • meadow
Volume: 8 l  
  Weight: 0.45 kg
 reisenthel Roomy GT 12 - rear pannier 40 cm KLICKfix reisenthel Roomy GT 12 - rear pannier 40 cm
88,95 € from 67,55 €
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  • black
  • twist silver
  • twist sky rose
  • dots
  • mixed dots blue
Volume: 12 l  
  Weight: 1 kg
Bike Bags Trailsaddle II bicycle saddle bag 45 cm dusty moss Vaude Bike Bags Trailsaddle II bicycle saddle bag 45 cm dusty moss
100,00 € 89,99 €
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  • bright green/black
  • black uni
  • dusty moss
Volume: 10 l  
  Weight: 0.46 kg
Sport-Roller Classic QL2.1 - Front pannier (2x12.5L) 30 cm Ortlieb Sport-Roller Classic QL2.1 - Front pannier (2x12.5L) 30 cm
112,00 €
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  • asphalt black
  • sunyellow black
  • petrol black
  • red black
Volume: 25 l  
  Weight: 1.59 kg
What bike bags for what?
LUGGAGE for your tour

The longer you are on tour, the more bags you have to attach to your bike. So that you do not have to miss anything on the bike trip, we present you here the various bike bags and biker backpacks:

  • Front bike bag: They are lightweight, sturdy and usually a little smaller than the rear panniers, so that you get on ideally, but still offer space for a change of clothes.
  • Handlebar bag or basket: whether bar, snack or drink replenishment - here you can store, for example, food and everything you need food well.
  • Seat or saddle bags: are always at hand for you and perfect to store keys, money and cards.
  • Rear bike bags: side single or double bags offer plenty of storage space for clothes, shoes, towels and drugstore items.
  • Biker backpacks: depending on the size perfect to safely store your drinking on tour or even a laptop in the extra compartment.
  • Accessories: Waterproof extras like a helmet cover or a phone pocket protect you and your treasures from rain when the sun takes a break.

Extremely sporty or prefer to cycle leisurely: Discover the right luggage for your bike tour.
Accessories and extra bags for your bike tour
Suitable equipment
Hydration Bladder 3L hydration bladder 42 cm carbon gray Evoc Hydration Bladder 3L hydration bladder 42 cm carbon gray
39,00 € 26,89 €
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  • carbon gray
Volume: 3 l  
  Weight: 0.14 kg
Handlebar Pack Boa WP 5 L - handlebar bag steel Evoc Handlebar Pack Boa WP 5 L - handlebar bag steel
126,00 € 112,00 €
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  • carbon gray
  • steel
Volume: 5 l  
  Weight: 0.3 kg
Syncline 12 - Backpack 51 cm Dakine Syncline 12 - Backpack 51 cm
179,95 € from 84,89 €
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  • black
  • steel gray
  • deep blue
Volume: 12 l  
  Weight: 0.7 kg
 reisenthel Carrybag GT 21 - carrier basket (Racktime) KLICKfix reisenthel Carrybag GT 21 - carrier basket (Racktime)
132,95 € from 109,00 €
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  • black
  • twist blue
  • dots
  • fleur black
Volume: 21 l  
  Weight: 1.18 kg
Our bike tips
The 3 most beautiful routes within Germany

The Elbradweg stretches over a length of 1300 kilometers. The advantage of the long route? You can get to it from many major cities in Germany, including Berlin, Bremen, Hanover, Kiel and Leipzig. If you want to travel the entire route from the source of the Elbe to its mouth in the North Sea, you'll need to plan at least 14 days, but shorter distances can easily be covered on a weekend. Either way, it won't be boring, from mountains and glacial valleys to big cities like Hamburg or Magdeburg, you can marvel at everything.

The Ostseeküstenradweg in Schleswig-Holstein is much shorter, with a length of 430 kilometers. From the copper mill near Flensburg to Lübeck-Travemünde, you will especially enjoy the view of the expanse of the sea from your bike. This route is especially recommended for families. The surface on the bike paths is well paved, there are only hills and no extreme elevations and numerous shelters where you can take a rest.

From the north of Germany, we head all the way to the south, more precisely to Lake Constance. Here, the Bodensee-Königssee-Radweg awaits you, covering a distance of 440 kilometers through the popular regions of Upper Bavaria and Allgäu. It's a dream come true for all lake fans, as you'll pass by more than six lakes right away, including Lake Constance, Lake Rottachsee, Lake Hopfensee, Lake Bannwald, Lake Kochel, as well as Lake Tegern and Lake Chiemsee. So a refreshing dip in the water is never far away.

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