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Car travel

Simply pack, stow the trolleys or bags in the trunk and drive off: Wonderful, this flexibility when we travel by car. There's enough room for everyone, kids, dogs, bikes and all the belongings you don't want to miss on vacation. To help you stay in good spirits on the road and arrive relaxed at your destination, we've put together tips on packing and practical luggage items for you!
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Top tips & top luggage items
On vacation by car
Stow luggage optimally in the trunk
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Soft luggage is particularly flexible
Soft luggage for car travel
Your luggage itself should be as flexible as your travel companion. After all, nothing is more annoying than playing Tetris on the trunk when the trolleys don't want to fit in - no matter how you twist and turn them. Our tip: When traveling by car, it's a good idea to choose soft-sided luggage that's pliable yet sturdy. Whether it's a carry-on trolley made of durable polyester, a sporty backpack or a travel bag with or without wheels: They all stow perfectly in your trunk or footwell and, if things do get tight, fit better than a hard-sided suitcase.

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Flow - 2 Roll Trolley M 65 cm pure coral Satch Flow - 2 Roll Trolley M 65 cm pure coral
169,99 € 143,64 €
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  • pure jade green
  • tropic blue
  • geo storm
  • fire phantom
  • lazy daisy
  • troublemaker
  • pure coral
  • pure navy
  • pure ice blue
Volume: 55 l  
  Weight: 2.72 kg
Gingo - Travel bag 45 cm BOSS Gingo - Travel bag 45 cm
179,24 €
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  • black
Volume: 35 l  
  Weight: 1.1 kg
Stand+ Travel Bag 53 cm black Eastpak Stand+ Travel Bag 53 cm black
60,00 € 41,96 €
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  • black
  • triple denim
  • black denim
Volume: 34 l  
  Weight: 0.52 kg
Anti-boredom equipment:
Kids suitcases and backpacks for traveling with kids

Car travel with children
You're finally on your way, but as soon as you're on the highway, the little ones either find it boring, are hungry or want to take a break. How good that you as parents have taken precautions: Own luggage, such as colorful or animal-cool children's suitcases and handy children's backpacks, can find a place in the back seat and offer everything inside that the little ones like within easy reach: Tasty snacks and a bottle with their favorite drink, pens, stickers, games, cuddly toys or books.
Refreshment on the go
On tour with cool bags and thermos bottles
Refreshment on road trips

And because it's not just the little ones who want to be well looked after on the road, tasty provisions are essential for keeping the good mood and blood sugar levels high on your road trip. Tasty treats are best kept in handy lunch boxes, cooler bags and resealable water bottles. Here you will find an extensive selection:
reisenthel shopping shoppingbasket / shopping basket dots white Reisenthel reisenthel shopping shoppingbasket / shopping basket dots white
39,95 € 31,94 €
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  • dots white
Volume: 22 l  
  Weight: 0.01 kg
Insulated stainless steel - drinking bottle 500ml Step by Step Insulated stainless steel - drinking bottle 500ml
from 19,98 €
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  • Chameleon Joshy
  • Dragon Drako
  • Horse Lima
  • Sky Rocket Rico
  • Wild T-Rex Taro
Volume: 0.5 l  
  Weight: 0.08 kg
Lunch Box III 1000 - bread box 19 cm Tatonka Lunch Box III 1000 - bread box 19 cm
24,73 €
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  • stainless steel
Volume: 1 l  
  Weight: 0.28 kg
Organization on the road
Space saving packing for car trip

Packing aids for the car trip

Another travel bag here, a backpack there and the handbag still has to come along? If you want to save space and nerves when traveling by car, you can use small organizers to quickly know where your shoes, change of clothes or drugstore items are. So-called packing systems not only keep trolleys, bags or backpacks tidy, they can also be used to great effect in the interior of your car. Whether in the passenger door or in the center console: Here, small items can be stored perfectly and annoying search has an end. A special accessory that we recommend before you set off: an extra key case or a clearly visible fob for your most important asset: your car key. We wish you a good trip and much joy with your new travel companions.

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